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Albertan Projects Ltd: Designing Green Building Smart.

Designing Green Building Smart


Ingenuity and technology allow us the ability to steer ourselves towards a sustainable way of life that also cultivates prosperity.



Whether you are building a new home, renovating your existing home, looking to invest in renewables, or looking to explore the economics or viability of going green - we are here to help from start to finish.



​Are you keen to explore green opportunities but want to make sure you also don't break the bank? From residential projects to commercial ones, we strive to be a leader in green projects that deliver maximum environmental and economical return to our clients.

Going green has never been easier!
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Here at Albertan Projects Ltd, our mission is to help you change the world by delivering high quality sustainable projects.


Our collaborative approach with other design-build professionals in Alberta and experience optimizing the design and construction – allows us to deliver expert quality green building and renewable energy projects while ensuring the best return on investment for our clients.



Commercial opportunities are best considered from the onset of a renovation or new build. Going green can deliver impressive returns on investment and raise the profile of your business.


...we have come to appreciate Albertan Projects Ltd involvement in our projects far beyond our expectations.”

Duane Indenbosch, President

Top Form Construction Ltd.

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